求人・転職情報 NO.SJ-24-06-09

AMHS Hardware Engineer

会社名 Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing 株式会社(JASM/TSMCグループ会社)
職 種 技術系(電気、電子、機械)
業務内容 AMHS Hardware Engineer is responsible for sustaining the hardware devices of AMHS team to ensure the material transferred in a high quality and reliability environment within fab.

Also work with AMHS Technicians and suppliers to maintain, troubleshooting and repair the AMHS hardware devices.

1.Supervise vendor to install and sustain AMHS system, troubleshoot equipment issues, and performance metrics gathering and its analysis.
2.Cooperate closely with Field Service Engineers (FSEs) to resolve system/equipment issues, by providing direction to them, leading root cause analysis and task forces to drive resolution and providing on-call coverage as needed.
3.Lead equipment continuous improvement projects with stakeholders, i.e. supplier management, managing implementation and documentation.

4.Coordinate and communicate with Manufacturing Team on equipment downtime and recovery expectations.
5.Review equipment technical specification and documents, provide feedback to suppliers to make improvements in error recovery procedures as well as collaborating with manufacturing sites, and sharing of learning.
6.Sustain ownership such as day-to-day operations, equipment troubleshooting and mentoring technicians.
勤務地 熊本県菊池郡菊陽町原水3802-14
求められる経験 1.Master or bachelor’s degrees in engineering related field.
2.Experience in Semiconductor/DRAM/LCD/Robotic or vendor in equipment field is preferred. Green hands are also welcome.
3.Exhibit good and open communication skills, be able to work within cross-functional teams, including internal and external partners.
4.Hands-on participation and a strong sense of ownership.
5.Communicable in English.
雇用形態 正社員

年 収 600万~900万
給 与 33.3万~50.0万
勤務時間 8:30~17:30 休憩60分
休 日 土日祝

その他 JASM株式会社は、日本熊本県菊池市に位置する、台湾の半導体製造装置メーカーTSMCが建設した最先端の半導体製造工場です。2024年の稼働開始を控え、先進的な製造技術を駆使して、高性能な半導体製品の生産を目指しています。これらの半導体は、スマートフォン、パソコン、自動車など、多岐にわたる製品に使用されることが期待されています。




JASM Inc., located in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, is a state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing plant constructed by Taiwan's semiconductor equipment manufacturer, TSMC. With the commencement of operations anticipated in 2024, the plant aims to produce high-performance semiconductor products using advanced manufacturing technologies. These semiconductors are expected to be utilized in a wide array of products, including smartphones, personal computers, and automobiles.

The primary features of JASM Inc. include efficiency in the manufacturing process, reduction in environmental impact, and a commitment to sustainability. Notably, the plant has significantly reduced water usage and has successfully decreased CO2 emissions. These efforts underline the company's dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

The launch of JASM Inc. represents a pivotal moment for the semiconductor industry within Japan. The introduction of state-of-the-art products is anticipated to contribute to enhanced competitiveness in both domestic and international markets. Furthermore, JASM Inc. aims to contribute to the local community and support the sustainable development of the industry.

As a future pillar of the semiconductor industry, JASM Inc. strives to improve productivity through the adoption of the latest technologies, contribute to environmental protection, and deliver high-quality products. This, in turn, aims to enhance the quality of life for people around the world. Please pay attention to the activities of JASM Inc., as it endeavors to support the further development of Japan's semiconductor industry and the technological innovations that underpin it.






#Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing
#Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


業務内容 半導体受託製造
その他 Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing株式会社(JASM)は、

22/28nmプロセスならびに12/16nm FinFETプロセスを皮切りとした製造受託サービスを提供し、




茨城県のTSMC 3DIC研究開発センターにおいてパッケージング技術の研究を進めています。